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Jeremiah 47

A Message about Philistia
 1  This is the LORD's message to the prophet Jeremiah concerning the Philistines of Gaza, before it was captured by the Egyptian army.  2  This is what the LORD says:

"A flood is coming from the north
  to overflow the land.
It will destroy the land and everything in it—
  cities and people alike.
People will scream in terror,
  and everyone in the land will wail.
 3  Hear the clatter of stallions' hooves
  and the rumble of wheels as the chariots rush by.
Terrified fathers run madly,
  without a backward glance at their helpless children.

 4  "The time has come for the Philistines to be destroyed,
  along with their allies from Tyre and Sidon.
Yes, the LORD is destroying the remnant of the Philistines,
  those colonists from the island of Crete. [4] 
 5  Gaza will be humiliated, its head shaved bald;
  Ashkelon will lie silent.
You remnant from the Mediterranean coast, [5] 
  how long will you lament and mourn?

 6  "Now, O sword of the LORD,
  when will you be at rest again?
Go back into your sheath;
  rest and be still.

 7  "But how can it be still
  when the LORD has sent it on a mission?
For the city of Ashkelon
  and the people living along the sea
  must be destroyed."
<<  47:4 Hebrew from Caphtor.
<<  47:5 Hebrew the plain.

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